Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments

Spa treatment is provided under the supervision of a doctor in line with a prescribed individual treatment programme. After giving you an initial examination, a spa doctor will prescribe the most appropriate procedures involving curative waters and rehabilitation.
When providing spa treatment of your disease, we respect the nature of the disease and all individual differences. We use modern treatment procedures and other therapeutic possibilities.

 Hotel San Remo – Price list of spa and wellness treatments

Mineral Bath

You can enjoy the unique mineral springs – Edward VII. & Augustin spring. Springs are suitable both for drinking as well as for spa baths.

Exercising  in the swimming pool

Group exercise in the pool is very effective in treating conditions after surgeries, injuries musculoskeletal disorders, neurological diseases and to improve movement skills. This is done in the pool in groups for the guests with the same diagnosis under the guidance of professional physiotherapist.

Elektroteraphy Treatment
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Electrotherapy treatment uses different frequencies, levels of intensity and polarity for a general analgesic effect, myo-relaxation (dissipation of muscle tension), swelling reduction, improvement in blood circulation and tissue nutrition.

Individual Therapeutic Exercise

Lessons of individual therapeutic exercise are held held under the guidance of an qualified physiotherapist. The aim is to maintain and restore natural movement abilities as well as to develop functional capabilities. The therapy includes active and passive movements, mobilization and manipulation, training of balance, strength and flexibility and also breathing exercises.


For inhalation we use our own mineral springs. It is effective in the treatment of chronic respiratory conditions, allergies or the after-effects of a cold or respiratory infection.

Classical Partial Massage

Therapeutic massage performed by qualified masseur, sometimes also referred to as “classic” massage stimulates blood circulation in specific parts of the body, relieves muscle tension and improves the mobility of joints and ligament


One form of thermotherapy – it is a local poultice, where heat is generated by heating in a water bath or a chemical reaction inside the cover.

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a special massage technique that helps to normalize and maintain a balanced relationship between the dynamic flow through the bloodstream and lymphatic system. The value of lymphatic drainage consists in activating the passage of lymph and release lymphatics. In the case of the instrument lymphatic drainage you need doctor’s recommendation.


Oxygen therapy (regenerative oxygen treatment) helps the overall regeneration of the body, slows down the process of physical and mental aging. Has a positive effect on the psyche, significantly reduces feelings of stress, strengthens the immune system during infections and weakening of the body, reducing the negative health impacts of poor environmental conditions. Oxygen therapy is appropriate prophylactic therapy for smokers or persons performing demanding profession burdensome brain activity.


Parafango is a combination of dry mud, mostly from local sources and pure hard paraffin and paraffin oil. The mixture is melted and heated in a special unit and then applied to the problematic body parts. Heat intensity is slightly weaker than that of pure paraffin, which makes this procedure more comfortable for patients. Heat from the local wrap relaxes the muscles, acts to relax cramps, soothes chronic pain and promotes healing and tissue nutrition.

Parrafin hand wrap

After disinfecting the hands are several times dipped into melted paraffin and subsequently packaged to maintain the procedure for the optimum temperature. This procedure helps relieve stiffness, chronic pain, helps healing and nutrition of tissues. At the same time soothing and immunological effects.

Pearl bath

During a whirlpool therapy are injected small ‘fizzy’ bubbles of air. The procedure takes approx. 15 minutes and is ideal for total relaxation due to the pleasant calming feeling evoked “tickling” bubbles.

Gas injection
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Gas injection is a procedure typical of Marianske Lazne. It is an application of “the Maria’s” CO2 gas that naturally bubbles from the ground. Application of gas into the subcutaneous tissue of large joints and the spine has resulted in many remarkable effects including pain relief, improvement of blood circulation  and accelerates healing.

Natural peat wrap

It is a form of thermotherapy – peat wrap decreases local swellings around the joints and relieves muscle tension, strengthens the immune and inflammatory processes in the body, improves the function of cartilage, connective tissues and intervertebral discs.

Magnetic pulse therapy

The procedure is performed while lying on a bed, while the treated body part is situated in an artificial magnetic field (under the body or around the body is placed in a magnetic cylinder). Creating of weak pulsed magnetic field around the body results in charging of the magnetic stimulation of cells. This leads to the normalization of metabolism and regeneration of cells, which supports the healing process.

Dry carbon bath

during this treatment the guest lies on a bed and is enclosed in a large plastic bag that is sealed just under the arms. Carbon dioxide gas is then pumped into the bag, which slowly inflates, where it is absorbed through the clothes and skin into the body. The gas reduces the heart rate and lowers the blood pressure, which improves blood circulation, has an anti-inflammatory effect, accelerates the healing of wounds and positively affects kidney activity.