Karlovy Vary – Carlsbad

Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) – the largest Czech spa town, with 600 years of spa tradition, is situated in Central Europe. It is located in the western-most part of the Czech Republic on the confluence of the Teplá and Ohře rivers, about 120 km from the capital of Prague. The spa is accessible not only by car, but also by plane thanks to the local international airport. The rich history of the town, which still emanates from the town’s atmosphere and its architectural jewels, today combines with the modern period and its amenities without any negative effect on the unique genius loci of this place. From times immemorial, it is a place where the hot curative springs have been returning health to people, and where prominent figures have been meeting for six centuries already. Karlovy Vary offers a unique combination of spa care and relaxation stays with options of different activities. Its unique atmosphere going hand in hand with a developed infrastructure and excellent services are predetermined to meet and surpass all of your expectations.