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Hidden gems

Dear spa guests,

you might get tired of walking along the colonnade, tasting the springs and listening to the Singing Fountain. That’s why we would like to reveal a few hidden gems of Mariánské Lázně and their unique genius loci to you. Because Mariánské Lázně is not just about mineral springs.

Did you know that

  • Mariánské Lázně and its vicinity have the cleanest air in the Czech Republic?
  • there are 40 mineral springs in the town and its vicinity?
  • there are many nature reserves and other interesting places in this area?

Kladská nature trail
SOOS Reserve
Smraďoch Reserve

  … and more.


  • there are large forests around the town that have the status of “spa forests” and are used for recreation and relaxation, and that the trails are maintained and suitable for Nordic walking all year round?
  • there are groomed cross-country skiing trails around the town?
  • there is a ski slope in the town?
  • there are many kilometres of waymarked hiking and cycling trails around the town?


More tips can be found in our brochure.

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