Baths Orea Spa Hotel San Remo

Hotel in Mariánské Lázně


You can choose from our relaxation or healing baths.


Mineral bath
At the Orea Spa Hotel San Remo**** you can take mineral baths in the hotel’s own springs (Edward VII and Augustin). They have a beneficial impact on lowering blood pressure, improve blood perfusion and have a calming effect.


Dry gas bath
During a dry gas bath, the body is closed in a large plastic bag, which is sealed under the arms or under the neck. Gas is blown into the bag and it is then absorbed through your clothes and skin into the body, where it slows down heart activity and lowers blood pressure. The gas improves blood
circulation and kidney activity and has an anti-inflammatory effect as well. It is also known for stimulating the production of sexual hormones – testosterone and oestradiol.


Pearl bath
During a pearl bath, small “sparkling” bubbles of air are blown into the water. The treatment lasts about 15 minutes and is perfect for general relaxation as a result of the pleasant calming feeling caused by the body being “tickled” by the bubbles.

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