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Choose from our wide range of therapeutic or relaxation massages and let your body relax completely.


Hot chocolate massage
This gentle relaxation massage will warm and the cocoa bean oil will soften and nourish your body, and your skin will become as smooth as velvet. The intensive smell of chocolate will create a feeling of comfort and relaxation. As a result, the hot chocolate massage will warm both your body and soul.


Thai massage
Thai massages are based on energy flows. The massage therapist unblocks blocked energy in your body and helps it to flow. A Thai massage will help you get rid of backache and stress and allow maximum relaxation.


Hot lava stones massage
This massage is said to be based on Native American rituals using hot or cold stones to reduce tension in the body. The massage uses special lava stones which excellently accumulate heat and also have extraordinarily strong energy vibrations. It has distinct therapeutic and relaxation effects. If done correctly, it will bring you to absolute relaxation and it might often lull you to invigorating sleep.


Ba Guan Aroma Symphony
This pleasant full-body massage is a variation of the cupping massage. Instead of glass cups it uses rubber suction cups. Because the suction is gentle and the cups are moved all over the body, unlike glass cupping, this massage does not cause any bruising. It uses seventeen different Aroma Symphony oils. You can choose the aroma that you like best in order to get into the right mood.


Detoxification honey massage

The unique stickiness of honey combined with a special massage technique (pumping and sucking) makes toxic and waste substances as well as excess salts be drawn away from deep in the skin. Harmful substances are then clearly visible in the used honey. The detoxification honey massage has a particularly positive effect in the case of lifestyle diseases (such as allergies, digestion disorders, headaches, fungal skin diseases, etc.) which are connected to toxic and waste substances accumulating in the body. Please, note that after this treatment you can’t use soap or any other cosmetics – only clean water.


Hawaiian massage
The Lomi-Lomi massage is based on a traditional dance of the same name in which the movements of the forearm are used. This massage is referred to as “a dance on the body.” Its traditional version shows similarities to dancing as the movements are simple and graceful. The massage generally harmonizes both the body and the soul, stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system, supports natural body detoxification, relaxes joints, relieves pain and reduces muscle constriction, fatigue and stress.


Ceremony of Gold
The effects of gold have been appreciated by many doctors and healers since time immemorial in both Eastern and Western medicine. Gold is one of the cornerstones of Ayurvedic medicine, it is used in traditional Chinese medicine and its effects were relied on by the Egyptian Pharaohs as well as by the founder of modern Western medicine, Paracelsus. A large number of bodily functions are influenced by the flow of electrons in the body and it is colloidal gold that positively influences this flow and boosts our stamina. The scientifically proven effects of gold inspired the unique Ceremony of Gold treatment. During the treatment, flat pieces of genuine 24-carat gold disintegrate into the finest particles, which support micro-circulation and regenerative processes in the skin, increasing its immunity and ensuring its long-lasting hydration.


Luxurious cashmere and silk treatment
Intensive, luxurious care with the body being wrapped in cashmere and silk. This treatment brings relaxation to both your body and soul, and supports resilience and hydration of the skin. After the application of the cashmere wrap and a head, ear and foot massage, puffs with fine silk powder are put onto the skin. The powder counteracts drying and gives the skin a charming aroma and glitter. You will feel like in a One Thousand and One Nights story.


Honey and milk body pack
The honey and milk pack is a treatment suitable for dry, insufficiently hydrated and ageing skin or for skin exposed to excessive sunlight. During the treatment, the skin gets a large amount of nourishing substances and any irritation or red spots vanish. In a very short time the skin’s perfect balance is restored, its elasticity increases and body contours become firmer. The revitalising effect is noticeable especially in the most exposed places, where the skin is usually dry, rough and sensitive (e.g. on the knees, elbows and arms and under the neck).


Thalmarin seaweed pack
Thalmarin is a treatment using packs and masks with a distinct sculpting effect and preventing the skin from premature ageing. Sea water is rich in trace elements, which support motor functions and stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Sea salt is one of the best natural peeling agents, removing impurities from deep in the skin pores so that the skin can breathe better. Seaweed supports cell replacement and strengthens linkages between cells, contributing to a healthy appearance of the skin and having a positive impact on skin hydration.


Anti-cellulite cinnamon pack
A very effective treatment which not only helps you to get rid of cellulite but also supports blood circulation and contributes to detoxification. Special cinnamon cream is applied to the affected place, which is then packed in a foil. During this treatment the affected place is significantly heated and as a result metabolism is stimulated, which supports fat reduction and drains excess water out of the body.

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