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Other treatment procedures

For inhalation, mineral water is used which improves the function of the respiratory tract mucosa, has an anti-inflammatory effect, liquefies phlegm and facilitates expectoration. Natural salts or medicines can be added to the mineral water. Inhalation is effective in the treatment of chronic breathing difficulty, allergies or consequences of colds and respiratory tract infections.


Pulsed magnetic therapy
This treatment is done in a lying position with the treated part of the body exposed to the influence of artificial magnetic field (a magnetic cylinder is placed under or around the body). The weak or pulsed magnetic field around the body recharges the magnetic stimulation of cells. As a result, metabolism becomes normalised and cells are regenerated, which supports the healing process.


Individual exercise therapy
Individual exercise therapy provided by a qualified physiotherapist. The aim is to maintain and renew physical movement abilities and develop functional abilities. The therapy includes both passive and active movement, mobilisation and manipulation as well as balance, strength and flexibility training and breathing exercises.


Kneipp walk
The Kneipp treatment is part of hydrotherapy, alternately using warm and cold water, which supports tissue metabolism and blood perfusion. It also works very well against stress and helps relaxation.


Oxygen therapy
Oxygen therapy (regenerative oxygen therapy) helps the general regeneration of the organism and slows down the process of bodily and mental ageing. It positively influences the psyche, significantly reduces the feeling of stress, strengthens the immune system during infections and debilitation and reduces adverse health effects of bad environmental conditions. Oxygen therapy is a suitable prevention therapy for smokers or for persons who have a demanding profession with a lot of load on the brain.


Electrotherapy uses the application of different kinds of electric current. It results in local increase of tissue temperature, which is why it is suitable for treating musculoskeletal system diseases, chronic and degenerative diseases, etc.


Exercise in the swimming pool
Group exercise in the swimming pool is very effective in treating postoperative conditions, musculoskeletal system injuries, neurological diseases and in any cases when it is possible to improve movement abilities. It is done in groups, i.e. groups of clients with the same diagnosis, and led by a rehabilitation professional. It may be based on our doctor’s prescription.

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