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Packs are suitable for regeneration and purification of the body. Packs are wellness treatments intended, for example, for slimming and shaping the figure, hydration and general strengthening of the skin. Packs are used for relaxing and calming muscles. This treatment will warm, purify and hydrate you.


Natural peat wrap
This is a form of thermotherapy. The peat wrap reduces local swelling around joints and decreases muscle tone, boosts anti-inflammatory and immune processes in the body, improves the function of the cartilage, connective tissue and intervertebral discs.


Lavatherm is a kind of thermotherapy. It is a local pack warmed in a hot water bath or by a chemical reaction inside the pack. It is used for treating problems with joints and spinal diseases or for suppressing chronic inflammatory diseases.


Parafango is a combination of dry mud, usually from local sources, and pure hard paraffin or paraffin oil. The mixture is melted and heated in a special device and then applied to the problematic parts of the body. The heat intensity is slightly lower than that of pure paraffin, which makes this treatment more pleasant. The heat released from the local pack relaxes muscles, reduces cramps, relieves chronic pain and supports the healing and nourishment of tissues.

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